Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm getting Married!

Well it can't be anymore official then when you finally have the ring. Plans are underway and we're happy. The wedding is set for Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 in Provo, Utah.

So, the countdown is now at 2 months and 5 days. In a very short time I will be a Fairbanks. :)

To answer some of the basic questions I've been receiving lately:

Is that your engagement ring and wedding band in one (since it’s sparkly yet bandlike at the same time)?
No it's just the engagement ring. (I will be getting a plain silver band to go with it for the wedding ring.) It's called an anniversary band but I love it cause it's small and simple...yet, it's still really glittery. :) I actually picked this ring out over two years ago and I didn’t think it was available any longer as the company no longer makes it. But Monte had it shipped in from another state. And I love it!

How old/young is Monte?
Monte is 25 (he'll turn 26 in, I'm 4 months older...muhahaha)

What is his job/major?
He's a computer engineer. He graduates on the 24th of this month. And we are moving to Austin, TX after the wedding where he just got an awesome job with National Instruments.

How many siblings does he have?
He is number 5 of 7.

Where is he from?
He’s from Bellevue, Washington just outside Seattle.

Where will you be living now and what will you be doing in the future?
We are here till the 17th of June. Austin, Texas after that. Monte will be working…I will hopefully find a cool job. Monte already made some connections with some art galleries in the area. But we’ll see. And eventually we’d both like to do grad school.

Where will your reception be?
It is going to be at the small art gallery that I work at called Coleman Studios. My boss offered to let us use the space for free which saves us like $900. YES! I love them.

How long have you two been dating?
We met in September and have been dating 6 and half months now. After the third date we haven't missed a day of seeing each other...even if it's just to say goodnight (except for Christmas and while he was interviewing in Texas, Idaho, and Colorado).

Here is a picture from our six month date...we called it our semi-versary and we ate at Ottavio's and then went to play put put (miniture golf) at which time Monte kicked my trash. :)

And lastly...a few more pictures from our crazy golf night that really have no point.
(And my friends, If you have any more questions then please email me and I'll answer them...also email if you would like a wedding invitation.)

Put down that camera...
Hey, I said put that down!

Alright you asked for it...! golf is crazy.