Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I've decided to enter the competition and to make at least 3 different cakes. I've sketched out some cake ideas from the themes that you left me as well as a bunch of others. There are so many to pick from. Basically, I need to come up with a single tier special occasions cake, a multi-tier novelty cake, and I'm going to do a 3-tier wedding cake. That's the plan at the moment. If you have anymore sugestions I would love to hear them. The contest is not till the end of February so I still have time to come up with more thoughts and you all have been so helpful so far. So keep 'em coming!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Need Your Ideas!!!

If you could pick any theme for your birthday, anniversary, or a holiday cake...what would it be?

I'm contemplating entering the annual That Takes the Cake extravaganza here in Austin this year. It's a nation-wide competition so my chances of placing are slim, but I think it would be fun. It's sort of like those food network cake challenges. The theme this year is "2010 Cake Odyssey" including anything in the science-fiction or fantasy genre. For 25 dollars I can enter a "2010 Cake Odyssey" themed cake, unfortunately, this is open to everyone so there will be lots of professionals entering.

However, this year I still qualify to enter in the Adult Beginners category (though I've seen pictures from last year and the competition is stiff). For 20 dollars I can enter any themed cake I want in the adult beginners category. But I need ideas! I thought I would elicit your help. Please list any ideas in the comments section. Your wildest thoughts or even a simpler design. Any idea. Just think what you'd like to have at your celebration. You may also suggest a science fiction theme for the Cake Odyssey though I think I should probably stick with the beginners. :)

Thank you for your help!

p.s. On a cake related note. Here is a picture of a dinosaur cake I did for a birthday party. It look's like a cross between a gecko and a dragon with alligator legs. Oh well. First shaped cake I've ever done. Plus it was for a 5 year old.

Additional pictures available for your viewing pleasure at

or on the original cake website

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More Cakes

Baby Showers
Birthday Parties
and Christmasmore cakes pictures on my cake website:

(Dino cake coming soon!)