Monday, June 18, 2007

Skeet Shooting!

So, this past Saturday I went shooting. It was fun. Very dusty and rather warm...we were in the desert after all. My brother really wanted to go so he bought some clay pigeons and a shooter and we borrowed a gun and headed out. I have some bruise marks on my shoulder from the shot gun, but I hit a pigeon on my second try. That made me happy. We did a little hip shooting to for fun as well. Not accurate at all but I felt like I was in a western.

Here's a picture of me shooting. My bro is in the foreground.

And this is a picture of my friend Mallory learning how to shoot.

The best part, though, is cocking the gun. I like the sound it makes when the empty shell pops out.

Well, that's all...nothing to insightful to tell. I just wanted to show my gun pics:)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I found this on my friend's Travis's blog, but I just had to put a link to the video on mine. This movie clip brought back so many good memories and great times. When I lived in Roman Gardens (more than 4 years ago) I had a wonderfully interesting set of friends. Truly great people. And they made this movie for our ward talent show. It's probably funnier if you know the people personally, but I'm putting the link here for anyone interested. Get ready for Buttercream Symphony!!!
One Awesome Cake I just have to show off a little bit. My brother's birthday was this past Wed. the 13th of June and I made him a birthday cake...but not just any cake...

I made him a lap top because my brother is a computer science major and therefore it was quite fitting. I also put Charlie the Unicorn on the screen which everyone got a big kick out of. If you've never seen Charlie the Unicorn...well, you're not missing's really quite dumb, but when all your friends quote it and you watch it 5 or 6 times, it starts to become real funny.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the cake and some peeps at my bro's party. Yay! for Birthdays!
(and don't forget to tell me how awesome I am)

p.s. The windows key was my can see it on the slice of cake in pic 5.