Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Babies and Bad Dreams

I'm an Aunt!!!
Well, I just can't help myself and I have to post this. I'm super excited because my brother and his wife had their little baby boy early this morning. He showed up at 5:06 AM (Mountain Time) on 2/1/2011 (nice birthday numbers), was 20 inches long, and weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces. His name is Ethan.
Ethan, 5:06 AM, 2/1/2011, 20 in., 7 lb. 12 oz.

This makes me super excited for my own little boy who will be coming in June. Just 4 1/2 months to go. I wonder if the cousins will look anything alike.

On a strange note. There were strong storm winds last night and I had horrible stomach cramps that kept waking me up. Whenever I'm hurting I tend to have nightmares. Well, it just so happened that between 5 and 6 this morning I had a doozy of a nightmare. It started off with me holding a little all white kitten that then began to root around and I realized that my baby (as it now looked like a baby) was hungry so I was trying to learn how to make formula so that I could feed him. That moment was really special in my dream and I was really happy feeding him. Then in the next scene he looked more like a chunky little toddler and he was pulling things off the mantle, and I was diving to catch them before they hit the ground and broke. And then I thought, "Wow! I didn't know you were big enough to do that." So, I took him out of that room to play and then he looked like a very small all white bunny, and I put him down to play with our pet guinea pig who also looked like a bunny. And then when Wicket jumped into his cage my little baby tried to follow but couldn't make it up the ramp and got his neck caught and then something snapped. And a friend of mine ran to try and free the baby and it's eyes turned red and he convulsed a couple of times and I knew that he had broken his back and was dead and my friend turned to me holding my baby out to me and kept saying "I'm so sorry" and I started backing up completely sick to my stomach and I started to shake with sobs and I began to hyperventilate and then woke myself from my dream in a panic.
I was shaking and crying and having a hard time catching my breath and I reached down and felt my tummy willing the baby inside to move so that I could know he was still alive and I turned and faced the clock and it was just after 6 AM (which would have been 5AM in Utah where Sara was giving birth) and I stared at it just praying that my baby was still alive and trying to deal with the pain in my abdomen.

So, when my brother called this morning to tell me his good news it struck me when he said that Ethan was born just after 6 AM my time. My brother was welcoming his little newborn into the world just as I was shaking off a nightmare that mine had died. Weird.

Well, baby and I are doing fine today. Felt him move around quite a bit early this morning. I think my adrenaline surge must have given him a push. Maybe I shouldn't eat three bowls of salad and a box of nerds just before bed. At least not on nights when arctic winds are expected to come gusting through Texas. Oh well. I do wish my mind didn't have such vivid and emotionally exacting dreams.

On a nice note, however, here is a video clip of Ethan. I've never uploaded a movie clip to my blog before but it seemed like an appropriate time to give it a shot. :)

It's just a bunch of yawning but I think his big fat tongue is oh so adorable.