Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Cakes

Here are a few more cakes that I've made in the last few months.

This is Samantha. My Crocagator.

She was the cake we made in my beginning airbrush class.

I invited a bunch of people over to help me dissect her.

She was delicious!
This was a cupcake castle for a 5th birthday party.
There was a large sugar cookie dragon with sparklers in his mouth for "real fire".
The family lit the sparklers on his actual birthday and sent me a picture.
Nathaniel managed to snag a cupcake while we were there. The party family was ever so nice.
A hungry caterpillar cake for a 1st birthday party.

Caterpillar was made of chocolate cake pops.
And there was a single cupcake for the birthday boy.
Baby shower cake. This was the first time I used my airbrush.
Little Evelyn was already born when the shower took place so the baby had black hair just like her.
Here is a wolf cake for an 8th birthday party.

The little boy requested toy wolves that he could play with so we came up with a cake that showed off his wolves on a rock in a sugar cookie wood in front of a sugary moon. There was also a river and chocolate candy rocks.
These cupcakes were actually banana bread with chocolate chips. Minimal icing and little royal icing sugar details on top kept the cupcake from being overly sugary for this little girl's 1st birthday party.
The birthday girl had a mini petting zoo for the kids. So, the cupcakes were topped with baby bunnies, chicks, and my favorite, mini hedgehogs.
Since I'm not the biggest fan of cake, I could eat these cupcakes all the time. They are so yummy!
Beach cupcakes for my luau.
I decided to have a luau at my home for my 30th and served beach cupcakes with grilled pineapple and kebobs.
These cupcakes were easy and quick to make, and they were multicolored inside.
A chocolate cake with chocolate mouse filling and thick pan chocolate frosting that was so thick I had to put it on with hot knife. This cake was for a RS Birthday party.
Cake balls that I dropped off at my friend's house for her daughter's birthday just before I ran to the airport. Figured these would keep a few days until her birthday.

Too bad I misspelled her name. The dots should go above the 'e'. I'm so ashamed. I guess that teaches me to start making cake balls at 11pm while trying to pack and clean.
A random cake I made for my neighbor after his dog, Heidi, passed away from cancer.
My friend made this cake for her daughter and made the icing. I just decorated it for her...colored it pink with my airbrush and added candy, cones, purple piping, and glitter.

Went over to show my friend how I made the cake balls for her daughter's birthday and we made these balls and cake pops together.
She did a great job. Bet you can't tell which are mine and which are her's.

Well, that's all my pictures for right now. I think this post is long enough as it is. You can order cakes and view my gallery at cakesbycassandra.weebly.com, and my show cake pictures as listed in the post just before this one in case you have not seen them yet.

Thanks for viewing my creations. Leave a comment if anything strikes your fancy.  :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

That Takes The Cake show entries

Austin Cake Show

my entries:

I took first in the Adult Intermediate Wedding Tiered category.
Close up on the Oriental string work

Spheres were dipped in royal icing and then I piped different designs on each one.
Ruffles and petals were sprayed with a shimmer and edged in gold.

Gold was hand painted on all the piped decorations and dragees attached.

This was my 4th year entering the show but my 1st First Place in the wedding category which is coveted. Next year I will be entering the Adult Advanced category.
I entered two buttercream cakes this year. There were hardly any entries in this category. I don't know why because I love working in buttercream.
The top design was taken from a 1920's greeting card that I stylized and changed the colors to. Small oriental fish decorated the sides of the cake. Hence the name of the cake.

The darker blue/green around the edges was airbrushed onto my light green cake before the leaves, roses, and mums were added.
The leaves were piped with color striped pasty bags to give them a two toned effect.
My cakes took first and second in the Adult Intermediate Buttercream Only category.

My family at the cake show.

Like what you see? Visit my webpage to view the cake gallery and/or order cakes for your next event.