Friday, October 25, 2013


lots of them 
First, here is a wedding cake that I made recently. 
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 I'm in complete love with the over-sized flower. I made each petal individually, then airbrushed the tips with a shimmery peach, and then put it together petal by petal onto the cake.
 This cake was a very delicious decadent chocolate and french vanilla swirl.
 Next, we have a cowgirl cake.
 This was my first attempt at making a cowboy hat. I had a lot of fun with it and the birthday girls were ecstatic. Turquoise, pink, and black were the colors of the decorations at that party so I made the cake accordingly. The cake is chocolate with buttercream icing and trimmed in black licorice.
 Little birthday boy turned one. He had a "smash" cake and cupcakes to share. There is something about 4 inch mini cakes that make them extra adorable.
 This birthday boy was turning 9 and had some specific request such as: It has to have strawberries and bananas in the middle of a chocolate cake. CHECK. It must have all the Nickelodeon ninja turtles on it, but Donatello is favorite. CHECK. Make the cake green and put a purple belt around it for Donatello. CHECK. I used a frozen transfer to do the top but I had to design it myself since the Nick Ninja Turtles are all computer animated and not drawings. I think I did pretty good with my design.
 Baby shower mini cupcakes. They were lemon and strawberry flavored cakes.
 I made pumpkin mousse treats for a baby boy shower and a friend's birthday. Also some petite fours for a Relief Society workshop.
 Lots of cake balls. Some for wedding gifts, some for birthdays, some for the 4th of July. They pop up everywhere. They are usually chocolate cake but the top right picture is cookie dough flavored.
 Quinceanera (Sweet 15) Cakes
 7 tiers of cake made up of chocolate cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with Bavarian filling, vanilla sponge with raspberry filling, and vanilla sponge with Bavarian filling. Decorated in alternating tiers of buttercream roses and a fondant quilt pattern. Handmade bows and jewels are all edible. Topped with a tiara. This cake was supposed to sit 7 tiers tall but we had a mishap after setting the cake up and had to set it up as three cakes instead of one large one. Sad. But still lots of cake to feed 270 guests.


We took the front off Nathaniel's crib so that he'd have a little toddler bed last weekend. He's been using it as a bed for about 5 nights now and this is how I found him sleeping when I went to check on him before I went to bed.
He's also done such things as come into our room at around 3 AM to hand me his blanket and tell me he needed me to tuck him in. He then turned around and went straight back to bed. Took me a moment to understand what was gong on. I caught up with him just to see him crawl back into bed and start snoring. He's going to be a sleep walker like his daddy.
About the third morning he was sleeping in his bed I heard a bump and then he came into our room to tell us he fell out of his bed. He was all smiles so I guess he found the experience fun. It hasn't been too bad at night time, but nap time is a struggle. He doesn't want to stay in his bed when it's light outside...yet he's so tired he falls asleep while doing other tasks.
Here are a few other pictures of our little man. 
He's enjoying a cupcake at a Halloween Playgroup Party.
 Absolutely loved their motorized bike.
 My super heroes!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

This is what I've been up to.

And here are details of some of the cookies.






BABY Clowns and Baby HANDS




 Lots of cookies, lots of patience, lots of time, (after #20) not a lot of fun to make, but lots of fun to give away to deserving teachers. And lots of fun to LOOK AT and EAT.


 These cookies were made from Kim Edwards' sugar cookie recipe (so perfect), thin royal icing was used for flooding the cookies, and then they were stamped and hand painted with AmeriColor Air Brush Food Color.

More pictures of Cakes and Confectioneries available at: