Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nathaniel is One Today!

Nathaniel is One Today!

He's no longer zero. I guess that means my baby has moved on to toddler-hood, though to be fair, he's been walking for a couple of months now so he hasn't seemed much like a baby in awhile. Well, except that I still cuddle him and call him my baby. Anyhow, this picture is from just before Easter so a few months old (in fact that outfit doesn't even fit him anymore). I will try and get some new shots to post this weekend. I'm pretty sure he's got more hair now but it's so light that he really doesn't look much different than he does in this photo.

He still only has two teeth and we'll see what the doc says his measurements are on Monday but I'm pretty sure the kid weighs at least 25 pounds already. He's sturdy. He loves to climb things, open and close doors, play hide and seek, wants music on all the time, and water...I think he would live in the water if it didn't cost so much to let him have the hose everyday. He's a big Daddy's boy. He giggles a lot. He's a mover and keeps us busy and we love him tons! 

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!!!

Addendum: I found some pictures from the end of May. Enjoy!