Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello my friends,

Wow, life has been one whirlwind of events recently. It's been one of the most exciting (and stressful) moments of my life and I've written nothing. It is often easier to say more about nothing then to find the time to say a little about a lot.

In a nut shell...I'm getting married. That you already know, however. My life is changing so much. I'm not just gaining a husband...I am beginning a whole new stage of life in a new state with new friends and a new house and new ideas and compromises and a new job and new experiences. The only thing I can relate it to when I left my parent's home for college. That was a new experience in a new place with new people. The difference this time is that I will not be alone in these new experiences. That will be nice. But simultaneously I will have to learn how to live with someone else.

Being slightly stuck in my ways having lived out from under my parent's roof alone the last nearly eight years, it will be quite the change. Something that I am learning about already. I can't believe how hard it is yet so very important to me try  and compromise on all subjects. Not only that but I find myself saving half my dessert to share or picking out colors for a bedroom that I wouldn't normally pick. And I love it. I love finding new ways to share and to make him smile. It is hard work but I am having the time of my life.

I know I'm making the right decision to marry Monte and even through all the nervousness I find myself excited for the move to a new state. I'm excited about our new home. And I'm excited to meet new people and find a new job. It's a lot to change all of a sudden. One day I'm unmarried living in my apartment in Utah and then next I'm married living in Texas looking for new work and new friends. Crazy. But that is life. 

It is three weeks to the wedding today. We are driving a U-haul down to TX this weekend to get our furniture moved into our new house and to set up things, electricity, internet, and such for the house. We have to register his car and find out where the doctor's offices are. Things like that. Then I will be back the next week for out last full week in Utah. Then it will be my brother's birthday, then father's day, and then my wedding. How exciting. A whole weekend of family togetherness. It is going to be wonderfully stressful but mostly wonderful. I just can't wait!

And best of all...at the end of all this madness that is wedding planning...I will go home with the love of my life to live with him forever, eternally married, as husband and wife. Isn't that the most delightful thought ever.  :)