Friday, March 20, 2009

The Late Night News

Last night a little after 1 AM the phone beeped. Monte and I had been asleep for at least an hour and for once both of us were out soundly. It's usually just him, but no, this time I was blissfully dreaming...yet I heard the familiar sound. "You've got a message" that beeped said to me. I woke up enough to say "Monte your phone beeped."
His response..."No, it was my hand."
"No," I said "It was the phone."
"No it was my hand."
"No Monte your phone just made a noise."
"It was my hand."
At this point I attempted with my eyes still closed to roll over him to try and reach the phone which was on the floor next to his side of the bed.
"No I really think it was your has a message!" I insisted.
I think rolling over him woke him up enough that he finally realized what I was doing and he reached for the phone. "I never heard it beep." He said.
"It did!" "We have a's either good news or bad news but someone wants to get a hold of us in the middle of the night!" I said indignantly with one of my eyes still shut trying to preserve some sense of the blissful sleep I just rolled out of.
Monte then tries to get the phone open to see who called..."Oh," He says "...We have a message."
...Sigh... I took the phone from him then and rolled back over to my side.
I read it. Then I hand the phone back to Monte. "She said yes." I report.
"Who said yes?"
"I don't just says she said yes."
"Why did she say yes?"
"I don't know."
"Who called?"
"I have no idea...but she said yes."
Monte checks the phone again. "It was your brother."
...2 minutes later...
"I guess he's engaged. "
...another minute...
"That's good." Monte slurs back.
"Yeah...kind of weird to think about...he likes to copy me..."
...another 2 minutes...
"Getting engaged three months before he turns 26..."
Monte, "hmm..."
"Yeah, weird..."
...another minute...
"I'm happy for him" I mumble.
And then we're both out until 7 when the alarm wakes us. Monte does not remember much. It's fun to be married to someone who talks in his sleep. I think my roommate, Shiloh, prepared me well for that. I decided to text my brother back around 8:30 AM. It's an hour earlier his time. I secretly hope it wakes him up. I then talk to my Dad at 9. It's an hour later his time. He's in a meeting but takes the opportunity to escape for a moment. "Are you calling about Jonathan?" He asks. "Yes," I replied. "Did you get the message?"
"Yep...around 2 AM your Mother and I both got text messages."
"Haha...yeah, it was only one here. Monte and I couldn't figure it out for awhile cause we were still half asleep."
"It woke us both up."
"Yeah, I texted him back at 7:30 his time...maybe I woke him up."
"haha" My dad chuckles..."Well, I texted him at 6 AM."