Monday, July 15, 2013

Recipe Cover Vote


My ward is working on a recipe book (along with two other wards), and I'm making the cover and dividers for it. To get more people involved to help personalize it I am sending this post out to my fellow RS sisters to get some input on a few sample cover ideas.

Here are some of the ideas I've been working on for the cover. We'll start with these three and have a little vote to see what you guys like. Just click on the one you like best in the poll at the bottom.

Blue Cover

Gold Cover

Red Cover

Which cover do you prefer for your RS Recipe Book?


Leann said...

I like the blue cover with the words "home cooking"

Going bananas said...

I like the first cover best, but if you do choose one with "homemade", just realize that it is one word, not two.

Beth Bailey said...

Ooo-which one did you choose? I liked the title homemade but I liked the colors/layout of the first. I like the symmetry of the last but not the spoon splitting the word in half.