Friday, October 25, 2013


We took the front off Nathaniel's crib so that he'd have a little toddler bed last weekend. He's been using it as a bed for about 5 nights now and this is how I found him sleeping when I went to check on him before I went to bed.
He's also done such things as come into our room at around 3 AM to hand me his blanket and tell me he needed me to tuck him in. He then turned around and went straight back to bed. Took me a moment to understand what was gong on. I caught up with him just to see him crawl back into bed and start snoring. He's going to be a sleep walker like his daddy.
About the third morning he was sleeping in his bed I heard a bump and then he came into our room to tell us he fell out of his bed. He was all smiles so I guess he found the experience fun. It hasn't been too bad at night time, but nap time is a struggle. He doesn't want to stay in his bed when it's light outside...yet he's so tired he falls asleep while doing other tasks.
Here are a few other pictures of our little man. 
He's enjoying a cupcake at a Halloween Playgroup Party.
 Absolutely loved their motorized bike.
 My super heroes!